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Wax vs Paint Sealant

Customers often ask, "Why don't you offer wax?" The answer: paint sealant offers more durable protection for your vehicle's finish and provides a higher gloss.

For example, you may have had your vehicle waxed in the past and admired, with great delight, your new shiny vehicle.
Then it rained… what happened to the wax?
Well, the fact is that most liquid cleaner waxes are an all-in-one product that can't survive a good rain shower!

Even the best paste waxes provide eight weeks of protection at best.

Our high-quality paint sealant can provide up to 6 months of protection!!!

What makes paint sealant a superior product?

The secret is the advanced polymers in the paint sealant that bond over the surface of the finish, producing an effective shield against sunlight, water-spotting, dirt, and other contaminants.

It's like a plastic coating for your vehicle's finish!

*prices starting at $90

*price may be more depending on the size and condition of the vehicle

IMPORTANT: After the paint sealant is applied to your vehicle, it should not be exposed to moisture for 12 hours. The 12 hour curing time is necessary for the product to properly adhere to the finish.
Please ensure the right conditions exist so that the vehicle will be kept dry while it cures.

Is my vehicle "paint sealant ready" or does it need to be buffed beforehand?

If your vehicle is more than 3 years old, chances are it will need to be compounded and buffed before sealant is applied to the finish. Oxidation and contaminants in the finish will be removed during the buffing and compounding process ensuring proper adhesion of the sealant to the finish.

For more details and pricing of our High-Speed Buffing Service, please click the link below.

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